Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pilaten : Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

Pilaten Crystal Collagen Eye Mask [AS SEEN ON TV - Recommended by 大 S on popular TV show - 女人我最大!]

Powerful reduces dark circles (so far we're using this eye mask, it's not work for panda eyes haha)
Powerful removes puffiness
Prevent & Refine aging
Anti wrinkle & Moisture

One Kind Of Transparent Technology
Purified Water + Collagen 
A sheet-form transparent mask composed of ingredients including natural extracts, purified water and collagen. Most of the essences will remain because paper mask is not used, enabling real and direct absorption from the sheet. No rinsing required after use.

 10x Absorption Technology 
Dissolve upon encountering Heat + One-way absorption 
The eye mask will gradually dissolved under body temperature and premeate quickly into skin, providing the nutrients and moisture needed. The thickness of which will then be reduced from 2mm to 1mm. The absoption rate of this product is more than 98%.

Directions for usage:
1) Cleanse and dry your face
2) Peel off the plastic from the eyepatch
3) Place the patches below the eye
4) USE 2-3 times a week, Wear about 30 mins ** or until it dries up**
5) Remove the patches, DO NOT reuse them 

 Important! Do take note!
1) Avoid using on scar area or sensitive skin
2) Stop using if you experience discomfort
3) Keep away from children
4) Do not use 1 patch for more then 12 hours

Yes, this is how it looks like. With it's jelly like structure make the goodness collagen absorbs well into our  skin perhaps. We really do love this eye mask SO MUCH. So far we're using this eye mask, it'll not effectively reduce panda eyes but really do wonders for tired eyes!! We guarantee!

 Well, as you all knew, doing online business need a TOUGH eyes concentrating on screen most all the time. But we love what we are doing! Please continue your support for more good items and products come ahead!

Oh, sorry for taking too much space back to the main topic!

Oh well, for this product we suggest you to buy wholesale because it just light weight and quite not so paid off for paying postage by only buying eye mask.

Retail : RM2.50/pcs

For more details regarding this products or cheaper PRICE. Kindly PM Atie House NOW.
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